UF Pro Multicam Tropic Uniform Set.

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Limited Edition Striker Gen II Set in Multicam Tropic.

Love your UF Pro?   Love Multicam? Then love it some more in a UF Pro Striker Gen II tactical uniform in limited edition Multicam Tropic.

UF Pro have chosen to release the limited run of Muticam Tropic in the following items:

Striker HT Gen II Trousers.

Striker Gen II Combat Shirt.

GEN II Boonie Hat.

We have small amount of these sets for Australian Customers and fans of UF Pro.  Each set is set for average size combinations chosen from our experience of local demand.

Striker Gen II Multicam Tropic srts are available in the following sets:

Set Trousers Shirt Hat
Medium 32/32 M M
Medium-Large 33/32 L L
Large 34/32 L L
XLarge 36/34 XL XL

We know this won't cover everyone, so if your sizes aren't shown here, get in touch with us and we'll see if we can still get your size, but don't leave it too late!

What is Multicam Tropic?

  • Designed as a predominantly green colour scheme with elements of olive, bright green, green, dark brown, dark green, and tan.
  • Reduced near-IR signature
  • Effective at close and long ranges
  • Performs best in woodland and jungle landscapes
  • Works with gear in existing MultiCam patterns