UF Pro Striker Gen II Phantomleaf Combat Shirt

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UF PRO® has combined different materials in the Striker XT Combat Shirt, so it offers robustness, comfort and quick-drying properties. The sleeves are made of sturdy, breathable ripstop fabric, the torso area is made of abrasion-resistant knit and the armpit area is made of an odor-inhibiting merino-polyester mixture. To protect it from abrasion, the outside of the material has been reinforced with a strong and comfortable braid. The removable UF PRO® air / pac inserts in the shoulder area distribute the weight of loads, for example when carrying a plate carrier or a heavy backpack. The eight millimeter thick air / pac® inserts also allow air to circulate and therefore contribute to quick drying in case the shirt gets wet. The Striker XT Combat Shirt has the proven "Striker" sleeve pocket arrangement. It consists of two upper and two lower arm pockets. Should you have problems opening the upper arm pockets, you simply "bite" on the strap and build up the necessary tension to open the zipper. The forearm pockets have an additional strap inside, which can be used to fix smaller items such as a pen or compass. A MOLLE system is applied to the top of the bag so that the UF PRO® Device Pouch (169409), which is available separately, or of course any other MOLLE-compatible bag can be attached.
The ergonomic sleeves keep the separately available UF PRO® Flex elbow pads safe and in place at all times - without having to fix them there with straps. Hot temperatures and a complete equipment load can be a tough combination. For these conditions, ventilation zips were integrated on the back of the upper arm area, which allow a pleasant and cooling air flow.
Phantomleaf develops modular camouflage systems based on a new, patented process. So far, these products have only been supplied to special forces in the military and police. In use, it has proven to be very effective. We are now pleased to be able to offer this quality for the civilian market for the first time:
The WASP II pattern in the Z3A color variant for wooded regions combines an exclusive look with a striking camouflage quality. Further color variants will follow soon.
Extra-long front zip.
Ventilation zips in the upper arm areas.
UF PRO® air / pac® inserts in the shoulder areas.
Ergonomic sleeves, easy to roll up.
Abrasion-resistant and quick-drying knit in the torso area.
Odor-inhibiting merino / polyester mixture in the armpit area, reinforced with breathable nylon mesh.
Pocket configuration:
2 x large upper arm pockets with Velcro and additional strap for easy opening.
2x forearm pockets with elastic straps inside and MOLLE on the top for attaching the UF PRO® Device Pouch (169409).
Softly lined inside collar.
Slit pockets for UF PRO® Flex elbow pads.
IRR coating to reduce the IR signature.
Care instructions: The torso and forearm material is very fine, sensitive and pulls threads very quickly - please do not allow it to come into contact with highly abrasive items or hook and loop fasteners.
Weight: approx. 500 g (size L).