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And Belleville is outta here!

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Ok, so you our customers know that Belleville made a big error some time ago and dropped our parent comany as Australian distributor.   We have only a few pairs of Belleville M591's left so we've decidied to pull the lot from the website.    If you fit a size 6-7.5 or 12-13 and need a pair, email us and we'll see if they are still on the shelf, otherwise, no more Bellevilles.

However, keep an eye out for McRae boots in stock with Scorpion at Townsville and MaxForce in Brisbane.

Recon Tape now in Green.

Recon Tape in MTP has really taken off as customers have found you how usefull it is and how much cheaper it is per meter.     We have just landed another shimpment of MTP tape and now so we got some green as well, for those who just want a solid colour.    One [...]

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New Recon-Tape!

If you've been working with UK troops, you would have seen their fantastic camo tape.    They call it Sniper Tape and now it's here as Recon Tape (R-Tape).    Avaiable now, it's the best value on the market.   At around half the price per meter of competitors, it's reuseable, self-adhesive, won't leave a [...]

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More MIG 3.0's on the way!

Last Tuesday, we recieved and order for Black and Olive MIG 3.0s, then on Wednesday, we had a custoemr order MOST of that order!    Se we have limited sizes available right now, but there will be all sizes in stock by the end of July!If you want to reserve one, email us and we'll [...]

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MIG 3.0 Black Gone!

Damn that was fast!     Almost all the MIG 3.0 black jackets have gone.   After Govt, retailer and the smart pre-purchses were shipped out, we have a couple left in Small and XXLarge.If either of those aren't your size, you'll need to shop around to see which retailers got an order in.Not sure [...]

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MIG 3.0 Arrive!

By the time you get to read this, the MIG 3.0's will ahve arrived on the docks.    Yeah, we did miss most of the coldest buts of this Winter but there's still plenty of cold to come.      We expect to be able to ship orders by mid next week once the shipment [...]

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TacLaces in Stock!

Finally, Coyote TacLaces are in stock so jump onto the page and order yours now.    We should also be back in stock of D4 Sleeping bags along with Black and Olive MIG 3.0 Jackets in 3-4 weeks now.    We'd like to thank our customers for their patience.   It really is worth the [...]

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Bivy Bags back in stock.

Just a quick post to tell our customers that we have bivys coming next week and we've listed the stock so they're available now through the shopping cart.Order now and we'll post it to you next week.

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NFM Accessories back in stock.

Sometimes it takes until the end of winter for us to get gear from Europe but it gets here eventually and were are now back in stock of NFM Baseball Caps, GARM Flame Resistant Fleece Beanies in two sizes and the popular GARM FR Neck Gaiters. Yeah, every retailer says "get yours now before they [...]

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Coyote TacLaces and NFM gear.

Well, we have just run out of Coyote TacLaces.    These are proving pretty hot right now but don't fear, more were already on the way and these should be here mid-June.    We'll open up the order page for back-ordering so you can out in an order now and you get yours as soon [...]

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