Posted by Damo. on 17th Nov 2020

Inforce TFx Bargain!

For a limited time, we have a Black Friday, Christmas, whatever bargain going on with the Australian Inforce distributor.    For a limited time we'll have available the Inforce TFx tactical …

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Posted by Damien. on 25th Sep 2020

Combat Optic Tool Has Arrived!

Now that the ADF has discovered the benfits of optical sights on weapons, you're going to need a decent little device to easily mount, dismount and zero your sight.And this is it.The Combat Optic Tool …

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Posted by Damien. on 28th Aug 2020

Updated Shipping and Returns Page.

Jus a reminder to all our customers, especially our international firends, the Shipping and Returns page has been updated to reflect our international shipping.    It's got the information y …

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Posted by Damo. on 26th Aug 2020

And Now Shipping to the USA!

For a while we've had a lot of traffic from the USA and we know that it's hard to get some of our stuff there.    Why? no idea....   yeah, it defies logic.     Anyway, the abi …

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Posted by Damo. on 12th Aug 2020

Kia Ora! We ship to New Zealand now.

Welcome to all New Zealand cusotmers!Actually, we've always shipped to NZ to anyone who asked but now, you can do it through the website!    Why?   Because all the back-end stuff is in …

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Posted by Damo. on 7th Aug 2020

MIG 3.0's running low!

Now the MIG 4.0 has been in for voer a year, we did a rare thing and discounted our MIG 3.0's in Black and Grey.    Right now, they are a realtive bargain but starting to run low with some s …

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