Posted by Damien. on 10th Jul 2020

HIG 3.0 Sold out!

For all the bargain hunters, the HIG jackets in version 3.0 have sold out.   MIGs in version 3.0 are down to Grey and a couple of Black jackets. S, M and XXL.   Still an absolute bargain and …

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Posted by Damo. on 1st May 2020

OP Bushfire Assist Patches.

Did you get called out for the OP or just want a hilarius collectors item of the bushfires?   Then grab one of our limited edition patches.    Each story shown is actually true and were …

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Posted by Damo. on 21st Apr 2020

TacLace is no more!

If you have recieved previous newsletters, you would have heard about Taclace ans that they are no longer available from the manufactuer.    The guy who makes them is a veteran and he's deci …

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Posted by Damo. on 9th Sep 2019

MIG 4.0 has been released!

MIG availability suffered this year due to the change over to the new MIG 4.0, but now the v4 is out.   It's a step well above the v3.0 but it is hard to see why because most of the changes aren' …

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