Posted by Damo. on 18th Mar 2024

Afterpay Options Suspended.

Recently, we've had some issues with Afterpay and have made the decision to suspend this as a payment method.   We will take a look at other pay-later options and functionality of those, to see i …

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Posted by Damien. on 21st Jun 2023

Observer Bivys and Defence 4 bags are in!

Well, that too a while but we have some Observer II Bivys and Defence 4 sleeping bags in stock.    We've pssed most of this shipment to retailers so if you want one from us, grab one!

Posted by Damien. on 18th May 2023

Carinthia Price Rises.

If you've been browsing recently, you will have seen a big jump in proces accross the range of Carinthia products.We've held that off as long as we could, and that was until we were out of stock which …

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Posted by Damien. on 20th Apr 2023

Ukraine Patch Re-Stock.

It's been a little wait but on the 26th of April we will have restock of the Ukraine Skippy patch.  Pre-order is available if you don't want to risk it and patches will be shipped on arrival.Slav …

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Posted by Damo. on 9th Jan 2023

MIG 4.0 Jackets in Stock!

Yes, we have some, Yes it is Summer, Yes you will miss out if you leave it to later....   probably.   But do you want to risk it?     Size and colours are limited and we do have mo …

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Posted by Damien on 22nd Aug 2022

Ukraine Patch is Back!!

We did it, we got our hands on some more of the Ukraine-Australia red skippy patches. The reality is that this will lilely be all that we can get, but it's a chance to raise a better amount of funds t …

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