About Us

Cool Kit Australia was created in 2000 after we had completed a CFA in a pair of Belleville M700's and didn't have a blister/problem/sore spot or even have to take the boots off!    It was just like going for a walk.    So we though "we have to get these boots into Australia".

In 2007, we wanted to source a better aftermarket sleeping bag for diggers after hearing the complaints about the service bag and the underperformance of name brand Chinese made sleeping bags.    What we found was Carinthia and the worlds best Military and civilian bags around.

In 2008 we incorporated and became Premier Defence Agencies Pty Ltd. ABN: 76 129 489 649, to better serve defence and manage our growth.

To this day, our goal has always to supply the Australian Soldier with the best value equipment for their highly demanding tasks.    We know everyone says their gear is the best, however, according to the worlds major armed forces, the gear from our manufacturers really is the best and they have the research, testing and sales to prove it.

We have come to specialise in defence related products and equipment for Australian soldiers and private users and can provide complete integrated combat uniform solutions from the underpants to the outer layer and feet.

We'll keep looking for products and manufacturers that can help you to perform at the best of your ability.

That is our promise.

Our postal address is:

Cool Kit Australia
PO Box 5411
Chullora, NSW, 2190
Tel: 02 9708 2475.   Fax: 02 9708 6475.     E: contact@coolkit.com.au 

For government and wholsale enquiries, please go to www.premierdefence.com.au

Email us for an electroninc catalouge of our brands.