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Coyote TacLaces and NFM gear.

Well, we have just run out of Coyote TacLaces.    These are proving pretty hot right now but don't fear, more were already on the way and these should be here mid-June.    We'll open up the order page for back-ordering so you can out in an order now and you get yours as soon [...]

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Low stock on MIG's!

If you're planning on getting a MIG jacket, you may have to wait a bit for your size and colour.   We have just been cleaned out of all our MIG 2.0 stock in Black, and quite a lot in Olive by a government organisation.Now, you know the rule here but I'll repeat it just [...]

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Carinthia Observer review from Kit-Up!

US military gear site Kit-Up! has reviewed the Observer Bivy.     See the review here http://kitup.military.com/2013/11/observer-splurge...It pretty much sums up what we and customers who have an Observer know, it's pricey but it is value.Damo.

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M591's in stock!

Good news, our latest shipment of 591's landed today and we are awash with boots!   Except for 8.0 R.....     we seem to have had a run on those.For those with smaller feet, we now have sizes 6 and 6.5 in stock, both Reg and Wide fittings.    In a US Women's size, [...]

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Out of Combat Bivy's.

Each year these bivys get more and more popular as users find out that this is probably the last bivy they'll buy for quite a few years.   Once again, we have sold out.    Not quite sure of the next shipment, but contact us if you are interested in a Combat Bivy so we [...]

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Carinthia and TacLace Shipments.

Customs has finally released the TacLace shipment after 15 days!   We should have them tomorrow (Fri) with orders being sent on Monday.    The page for TacLace is ow updated to immediate purchase.As of last night, our most recent shipment from Carinthia left Austria and should be here late next week.Lastly, a reminder about [...]

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Next M591 Shipment.

Belleville has informed us that our next shipment of M591 ADF boots is almost ready.   For those customers who's sizes are out-of-stock, we should have them in about three weeks time.   We do apologise however this happens from time to time and as more people come back to Belleville, and demand is increasing. [...]

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Olive MIG Jackets.

We're currently out of stock on Olive MIG 2.0 jackets, all sizes. New stock expected within two weeks.If you desperate for an olive jacket, get in touch and we'll find one of our retailers with one.

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EMAIL IS FIXED! Mostly....

Some good new on the email front.  After a furious rear-guard action we have clawed back control of 3 of the 4 email addresses including the most important one of contact@coolkit.com.au     So email us form the contact page she  you need something and we hope to have the last email up and running [...]

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Email Glitch.

We are having a bit of an issue with the email addresses carried over from the old server at the moment and are trying to get this sorted. Whilst that is happening, you can contact us vie info@premierdefence.com.au or call me direct on 0413 734 523.We apologise for any inconvenience.

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