Posted by Damo. on 9th Sep 2019

MIG 4.0 has been released!

MIG availability suffered this year due to the change over to the new MIG 4.0, but now the v4 is out.   It's a step well above the v3.0 but it is hard to see why because most of the changes aren't visible.   The biggest is that the jacket is now IR compliant, making it harder to see with NVG's!    This is due to the treatement of the fabric and all the hardware being concealed so there's no reflection.    Then  next is Carinthia's ISO mapping.    This maps the body to determine where and how much insulation is required to get the best performance between warmth, weight and comfort.    The last big change is the collar.   It's now a stand alone collar that stays zipped around your neck even when the hood is fully down.   Again, Carinthia shows why it's the leader in military cold weather clohting.

Now, we don't have stock as yet, mostly because of the pre-orders for European based retialers and we're coming into summer, but if you are interested in the new 4.0, get in touch with us so we can make sure you get one, when you want one.