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Coyote TacLaces and NFM gear.

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Well, we have just run out of Coyote TacLaces.    These are proving pretty hot right now but don't fear, more were already on the way and these should be here mid-June.    We'll open up the order page for back-ordering so you can out in an order now and you get yours as soon as they arrive.

Also coming mid-June is more NFM GARM FR Beanies, Neck Gaiters and their very cool Operators Caps.    We were hoping to have the FR Combat Shirts and FR Undergarments as well but due to orders from bigger customers (think entire armies) NFM's a bit low on some items.

If you're really gaging for a bit of NFM gear, let us know and we'll see if we can get it for you.

Keep checking in on the site as our remnant Belleville's will be coming up on sale soon.



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