UF Pro Gen II Phantomleaf WASP II Boonie Hat

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Ventilation openings on the front and back of the UF PRO Boonie Hat allow free air circulation and ensure that you always keep a cool head. An integrated wire in the front and back allows the brim to be shaped so that it fits the head shape perfectly. The circumference of the boonie hat can be easily adjusted with a paracord and a drawstring on the back of the hat. On the inside of the hat there is a mesh pocket for small and flat objects.
Phantomleaf develops modular camouflage systems based on a new, patented process. So far, these products have only been supplied to special forces in the military and police. In use it has proven to be very effective. We are now pleased to be able to offer this quality for the civilian market for the first time and it will be effective for you.
The WASP II pattern in the Z3A color variant for tropical and wooded regions combines an exclusive look with a striking camouflage quality. Further color variants will follow soon.
Malleable brim with wires in the front and back.
Three Velcro surfaces for IR labeling and association badges.
Loops for camouflage material.
Paracord with drawstring to adjust the head circumference.
Two mesh ventilation openings.
Internal mesh pocket.
IRR coating to reduce the IR signature.
Weight: approx. 90 g (size M).
 M / 57-58, L / 59-60, XL / 61-62
Made in the EU.