Carinthia Survival One Sleeping Bag.

92070 Survival One
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This high performance winter sleeping bag was especially designed for military use. It has generous draft tubes on the inside of the zipper to prevent any heat loss there. Anti-snag tape along the zipper and a protection flap on the outside keep out wind and wetness. The SURVIVAL ONE has a differential cut which means that each successive insulating layer is cut more generously. This ensures the greatest possible loft in all areas and in every sleeping position. Movement inside the sleeping bag creates pressure points but with our differential cut only the innermost layer is compressed. By opening the zipper at the bottom you can get your feet out if you want to step outside. You can tie up the foot end so that you can walk and even wear the bag like a coat. The sleeves are stored between the insulation layers. 

This bag was designed for the special needs of the army, with special attention paid to maximum mobility in extreme conditions. The sleeping bag has sleeves which are stored between the shell and the insulation layers when not in use. They can also be used as pockets for small items, such as a torch, etc. Velcro closures on the outer protection flaps and zipers on the inside prevent heat loss. Knitted synthetic gloves are attached for additional warmth. They enable you to cook, write and use your hands without having to get out of the bag. You can even wear the bag like a coat if you want to step outside the tent briefly. Just open the zipper along the bottom, fold the bag up and fasten it to the buckles at the back. All Survival Line bags (Wilderness, Survival One and Survival Down) have adjustable draft collars to prevent heat loss at the shoulders. The draft collar also prevents the bag from slipping off when you are using it as a coat. When used as a coat, the draft collar has to be closed and tightened in order to carry the weight of the sleeping bag on the shoulders.

Comfort Limit  -20c.

Extreme Limit  -39c.

 2.900 g
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 27x45 cm