JTF1110 OP BA "Red Sh!t Happens" Patch

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JTF110 OP BA South Coast Patch

ABC Radio was interviewing a Tassie farmer about being firebombed when he told them "I looked up and a hatch opened and all this Red Sh!t came out!"    And in western NSW, a Sprinter full of tired Digs nearly died as the driver struggled to maintain control amidst the laughter.

Remember your service on JTF1110 or any other JTF with the "Red Sh!t happens" morale patch.   Perfect for those on the flight line who were mixing retardant and filling fire bombers, the Red Sh!t Wranglers!

8.5cm Diameter full-colour woven patch with hook-vlecro backing.

Contact us for bulk pricing if you want a few for the unit.

Limited numbers available, be quick.