Phantomleaf G2 Assaulter Gillie

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The PHANTOMLEAF® PYTHON ASSAULTER GHILLIE GEN2 is made of a new type of mesh material and is intended to cover the most prominent parts of the body: head, shoulders and upper back, including a small backpack. The PYTHON ASSAULTER GHILLIE GEN2 is cut to provide plenty of room for movement and access to plate carriers and equipment. The hood has anatomically placed cords for an optimal fit. With a traction system, it can be adjusted so that it follows head movements and enables unrestricted vision. The specially rounded edges minimize treacherous shadows and help to break the contours. With the buttons open, it can also be used as a small camouflage net to cover the body or equipment. The PYTHON ASSAULTER GHILLIE GEN2 can simply be rolled up into the hood for storage.
The next generation G2 is characterized by the fact that it is provided with a specially developed slit band. This slit tape is constructed in such a way that on the one hand it offers very tear-resistant attachment points for the 3D elements (PHANTOMLEAF® PYTHON LEAVES leaf imitations # 430180) at the correct distance and angle to the basic article - but on the other hand it minimizes entanglement in vegetation.
  • Slit tape for attaching camouflage material.
  • Multiple adjustable hood.
  • Closure on the chest with a large slotted button.
  • Sleeve openings each with a large slotted button.
  • Rounded cut edges to minimize cast shadows.
  • One size fits all.
Back length: approx. 104 cm.
Weight: approx. 480 g.
Note: The 3D leafs are not included wirth the ghillie! The examples shown are for illustration only.
  • Complete camouflage in the visual and near infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Reduced gloss level and low noise.
  • Inherently flame retardant.
  • Very tear-resistant and tightly woven: less entanglement in thorns and a barrier against vectors (disease-transmitting organisms).
  • Extra light and small in pack size.
  • Low water absorption and quick drying.
So far, the PHANTOMLEAF® products have only been supplied to special units in the military and police at home and abroad. Their effect has been proven in action there. Due to the diverse demand, PHANTOMLEAF® has decided to also offer camouflage patterns for sale.
The result is the WASP II camouflage pattern, which combines an exclusive look with striking camouflage quality:
  • WASP II in color variant Z2 (low growth) for regions with low-growing vegetation, such as grass and scrubland and in places rock and scree.
  • WASP II in the color variant Z3A (tall growth without snow cover) for use in areas with high vegetation, such as deciduous and coniferous forests, but also tropical jungles with a high level of adaptability for border areas such as bush and agricultural land or grass zones.
  • WASP II in color variant Z3b (tall stature with snow cover) for use in regions with vegetation and rocks and an interrupted snow cover.
  • WASP II in the color variant Z4 (construction) for use in humanly changed surroundings from urban terrain to large vehicles such as ships, aircraft and trains to special scenarios such as drilling rigs.
100% made in Germany.