Phantomleaf WASP.II Tactical Baseball Cap

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Tactical Base Cap in PhantomLeaf WASP fabric with Velcro patch for ID patches.   PhantomLeaf develops modular camouflage systems using a patented process. So far, these products have been delivered exclusively to specialized military and police personnel both in Europe and Australia.   Phantomleaf patterns are highly effective and have proven their ability in real-time operations.
For the first time, Phantomleaf are pleased to be able to offer this same quality for civilian use with the unique pattern called WASP.II.     There are three varieants avaialble: Z2 is for Semi-Arid vegetation like most of Australia, Z3a is for Green or Tropical vegetation and Z4 is purely for Urban and Industrial.
Further information can be found at:    Phantomleaf WASP.II is proving itself with Hunters and Milsim users world-wide as an extremely effective pattern, whatever country you're in.
PLEASE NOTE:   Delivery can take up to two weeks on this product.   Please contact us for further details.
6-panel construction.
Embroidered ventilation holes.
Preformed umbrella.
Front Velcro for ID tags or patches.
Velcro adjustable width band.
One-size fits all.
Weight: approx. 78 g.
Production: Leo Köhler GmbH & Co. KG.