Carinthia Tactical Sleep System Multicam Black

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Tactical Sleepingbag System

The G-LOFT® Technical Sleeping Bag System is a completely new CARINTHIA product line. Carinthia isn't new to bag-in-bag sleep systems and are one of the pioneers of this and the TSS is the lataest generation.   Bag-in-Bag sleep systems give you the greatest flexibility for operating in all temperature conditions.   Use the TSS outer bag for Summer or warm indoors conditions, use the TSS inner bag for the shoulder seasons of Autumn, Spring or a mild Winter, then combine them to take you down to a Temp. Limit M of -15 °, the lowest conditions you can reasonably expect in Australia.    As you have come to expect with Carinthia, superb performance is provided by thier own G-Loft memory insulation and the highly breathable inner and outer fabrics move your body moisture away from you and out of the bag, keeping you warm, dry and with unbeaten comfort.

The Carinthia Tactical Sleepingbag System covers it all and lets you adventure right to the limits.

NOTE: Bags available are Left Zipper.

The Details:


  • Differential cut
  • Zipper cover flap
  • Combinable
  • Thermal draft collar
  • Anti snap tape
  • Zipper heat strip
  • 2-Way Zipper
  • Thermoflect
  • 3-Layer Construction
  • Compression bag included
  • Prefabricated loops for Grizzly Fleece Liner


  • Differential cut
  • Zipper cover flap
  • Combinable
  • Anti snap tape
  • 2-Way Zipper
  • Thermoflect
  • 1-Layer Construction
  • Compression bag included

Material & Specs 

Insulation: G-LOFT®, 100% Polyester

Outer fabric: 100% Polyamid
Inner lining: 100% Polyamid
Sizes: M, L
Pack size compressed (cm):
TSS Outer  14x18 cm Gr. M, 14x20 cm Gr. L
TSS Inner 19x25 cm Gr. M, 19x27 cm  Gr. L

Dimensions (cm):
TSS: 215/80/52 (M), 230/85/55 (L)
TSS Inner: 210/75/52 (M), 225/78/55 (L)
TSS Outer: 215/80/52 (M), 230/85/55 (L)
Weight (g): 
TSS: 1.940 (M), 2.140 (L)
TSS Inner: 1.290 (M), 1.400 (L)
TSS Outer: 650 (M), 740 (L)
TSS: Comfort F: -8,0 | Comfort Limit M: -15,0 | Extreme: -36,0
TSS Inner: Comfort F: -2,0 | Comfort Limit M: -8,0 | Extreme: -27,0
TSS Outer: Comfort F: 9,0 | Comfort Limit M: 5,0 | Extreme: -8,0

Temperature according to ISO 23537-1/EN 13537