MD-Textil Jed Riggers Belt

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Jed Belt MGS (Modular Belt System)

The Jed Belt MGS is the basic component of the MD-Textil modular belt system and a genuine rated riggers belt. Jed Belts can be upgraded to a safety a harness certified according to EN358, a seat belt EN12277 or a full body harness EN361. 

Thanks to the AustriAlpin D-Ring Cobra and a specially designed seam pattern that can absorb forces from all directions, this belt has a breaking load of> 30kN (> 3059kg). 

The belt uses 43mm wide, double-layered, TYPVII webbing made according to MD-Textil specifications in Germany and ensure a comfortable fit with maximum resistance for everyday use. 
On the inside of the belt, Velcro is sewn over the entire length to accommodate the adapter for our MGS leg loops or other accessories.

The D-Ring Cobra is simply clicked shut and then locks reliably. 
The lock can only be opened if there is no load on the Cobra and both lock transmitters are activated at the same time, this guarantees safe handling. 

The excess length to adjust the size is cut diagonally for better handling and fixed with Velcro and allows the belt to be adjusted by 10cm in circumference. 

The Jed Belt MGS achieves the following certifications: 
In combination with our modular belt MGS or comparable: EN358 retaining belt 
In combination with our leg loops MGS EN12277 TYPE C seat belt (climbing harness) 
In combination with our chest belt MGS EN12277 TYPE A complete harness AND EN361 safety harness

Standard sizes:
G1 80cm-90cm (contact to order)
G2 85cm-95cm 
G3 90cm-100cm 
G4 95cm-105cm 
G5 100cm-110cm 
G6 105cm-115cm (contact to order)
G7 110cm-120cm (contact to order)

> 120 or <80cm as an individual one-off special production.


Belt Made in Germany, buckles Made in Austria.



To avoid the additonal cost and delay of replacement returns, it is essential to observe the following information on determining the size.

To get the correct waist size / belt length, proceed as follows: 


  • Wear the trousers that are normally used with a belt on duty / everyday life 
  • Belt must not be looped into the pants 
  • Pull the tape measure through the flaps of the trousers 
  • Read off the waistband at the normal trouser wear height.

The waist measurement determined this way, applies to a belt that is worn in trousers. If the belt is to be used over clothing or in a battle belt, for example, the measuring tape must be placed over the clothing or through the battle belt to determine the size.

What does not work:

  • measuring your existing belt 
  • converting your pants size 
  • estimates, guesses, being lazy.