MD-Textil MGS Harness Chest Belt

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Chest belt MGS (modular belt system)

To reach full body harness specification, use the chest belt MGS, our seat belt according to EN12277 type C, and upgrade the rig to a full body harness (EN361) and a complete harness EN12277 type A. 

The chest strap is modular so that it can be used as flexibly as possible, and various shoulder pads and additional modules are available, with which the MGS chest strap can be upgraded to a chest rig and plate carrier. 
Thanks to its slim design, the chest strap can also be integrated into many plate carriers, while the belt can usually be fitted to plate carriers with a quick release system without any additional accessories.

The chest strap consists of double-laid TYPVII strap with a width of 43mm, which is manufactured according to our specifications in Germany, in the area of ​​the rope loop the strap has been provided with a cordura abrasion protection. 
A 45mm Cobra Buckle serves as a closure on the right side of the body. 

The shoulder straps are made of MilSpec tubular webbing and are connected to the chest strap with a 25mm Cobra Buckle. Thanks to the small width, the shoulder straps can be passed through the shoulder pads of protective vests, for example. (Use with padding is compulsory) 

The excess lengths to adjust are sewn around twice, so you can grip them safely even with gloves and the supplied rubber loops fix them securely to the belt.

The Austri-Alpin Stratus carabiner and shoulder pads are NOT included and must be ordered separately. 

For correct size calculation, the chest circumference in cm at the height of the chest pectoral muscle, must be measured with a tape measure. 
If the belt is to be worn over thick clothing or a vest, for example, the measurement must be carried out once without these layers of clothing and once with the layers of clothing in order to obtain the required waist measurements.


Belt Made in Germany, buckles Made in Austria.